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  The Anglosphere is centered on an idea. An idea based on historical fact and contemporary reality. It proposes that the shared history and experience of a group of nations whose vital ancestry and cultural faith lies in the British imperial past, has now entered a further phase of existence; so that those values represent an alliance of thought and action that can confer greater advantage on them as a whole than sepparately.
The core nations of the Anglosphere are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and The United States. Five nations joined by a symbiotic relationship of civilization based on respect for democracy, rule of law, freedom of the individual and the maintenance of mutual defence.
None of them are perfect; individually and collectively the nations of the Anglosphere can be, often are, and sometimes even amongst each other, accused of minor and major failings of one form or another.
However, in a wildly imperfect world, the Anglosphere, perhaps indeed as a result of its ability to criticise itself, is a place where hunger is an anomaly, education is a right, protest is a process, and innocence precedes guilt.
The purpose of the website is to positively celebrate the Anglosphere.
  This is a holding page. The main web-site is under construction.